First of all, currently, none of our team of writers, including me, has a law degree, so I would recommend doing your own research and taking everything we say with a grain of salt. Since its conception, online casinos have been subject to a lot of legal issues. Some casinos are downright illegal and operate underground. Some are legal but don’t allow certain people to play, and some operate in countries outside of the jurisdiction of your local authorities, allowing them to circumvent the law.

It is important to know your online casino and choose where you play, as you might be inadvertently breaking the law. Or, you may lose your money due to technicalities which the establishment isn’t responsible for.

Reading the Terms

It is common practice to scroll through the “Terms and Conditions,” “EULA,” or whatever pops up before letting you use their services.

HOWEVER, unlike in the old Wild West days of the internet, these things are more binding than you would think. It’s definitely a tedious task. But we recommend that you read these to know what you are getting yourself into.

We’ve already let the big giants like Google and Facebook in control of aspects of our lives (Check the Terms), you wouldn’t want a casino to have that kind of power over you. Often, these terms don’t ask for that, but to ensure your protection, better for you to know what you are giving up before joining.

U.S. Citizens NOT Allowed

No, it isn’t some racist treatment. Some of these companies are operating in states where certain laws allow them to do things that the U.S. government doesn’t like. Most of these are financial legalities, as FOREX brokers and Traders are subject to the same law. Often there are big, bold letterboxes that indicate you are not allowed to receive their services. More often than not, this is limited to U.S. Citizens, but other countries may not be allowed to receive services as well. Read the terms or inquire through the casino’s customer services to know.

Illegal Online Casinos

These have lost their popularity as a lot of legitimate online casinos have opened up, where players feel safer to put their credit card number in. Some are still operating, a few still open, mostly to avoid taxes and legal fees for the cost of getting a license from the government.

We do not recommend playing in these online casinos as they often stem from questionable organizations with services you might not want to be implicated of.

Final Thoughts

There are more than enough legitimate online casinos for you to choose from at casinos lijst website. But even if they are legal in the eyes of the law, it is important to scrutinize each one. Protect yourself from legal issues and losing your money by knowing your rights within their services, the limits of their services, your privacy, and the permission you give them on the use of your information.