Online casinos use Random Number Generators, which allow the emulation of almost true randomness. This gives it a bit of weakness, though. When it comes to brick and mortar casinos cards are dealt by hand (sometimes machines), roulette balls rolled through the flick of a finger, and the dice are thrown.

You would think this would be a disadvantage to the house, but the truth is the varying strengths, the tendency of cards sticking to each other, and tiny flaws on the wood finish can change the outcome of probability. Sticking to strictly mathematical randomness without outside factors may make the raw probability more accurate.

What to Avoid

Any game that is skewed greatly to the house’s advantage should be avoided unless you just want to have fun and test out your pure luck. These games are designed as a cheap fun way to occupy players who only wants to kill time in the casino. When it comes to games like Slots, Keno, and certain side bets, the house advantage is at the double digits, in order to learn how you can gain an edge when playing online casino games read tips at casino gabo news.

Sacrifice a Bit of Fun

Sometimes letting loose and not caring about the end result is great. In fact, like getting drunk, it’s a great time – until you wake up the next morning. You don’t have to totally not have fun and become some sort of human calculator endlessly calculating the odds of each game. There is fun in winning, and there is a lot of fun in winning a good amount of money. Try to choose games that are in your favor, relatively speaking that is since almost all games are skewed to the house.

Games with the Best Odds

Depending on how skilled you are, you will have more control over games like poker. But if it’s not among the selection of games offered, here are a few games where the odds might be better for you.


While the proposition bets and “any craps” bet is incredibly biased towards the house’s advantage, the “Pass Line” bet has probably the lowest house advantage in all of the casino games. The returns might be a bit slow, and it is recommended that you only put in 20% of your winnings each bet, winning and growing your money has the highest odds compared to any luck-based game.

Roulette (European)

The European roulette, when it comes to outside bets, has passable to decent odds. But you must play the European version as the American version (albeit the more common one) has about double the house edge of the European Version and has a chance of no winners on the outside bets.

Blackjack and Baccarat

While the latter is almost like a coin toss with a small chance of a tie, the odds of blackjack is better, in my opinion.

Though the players are not told when the deck is reshuffled, keeping track of the card is possible and gives you a bit more of an edge.

Baccarat, even in real life, is almost impossible to predict, but both games have decent odds, even with their house advantage that ranges from 2% to 5%. Knowing what game has the best odds, and when the odds are in your favor gets you closer to that big payday.