When the first online casino first came to be, while there were a good number of skeptics, it was treated as an innovation to the casino industry. So much, so that it later became an industry itself. Today mobile online casinos are becoming commonplace, yet still the latest addition to online gambling. Online casinos on smartphones are old enough to have multiple casinos and apps for you to choose to play from.

But young enough to have a lot of similar issues the online casino industry faced, along with new ones that only come from playing on mobile. Here is our mobile online casino guide.

Choosing a Phone

When you ask a store attendant what phone you should get, they will definitely show you their latest smartphones. Flip phones and similar “Dumb” Phones are still being manufactured and sold, mostly for the elderly, the tech-challenged, and those who are after the nostalgic feel.

If you want to play casino games on your phone, you will need a smartphone, and there are only really two choices.


The only smartphone that exclusively makes its own operating system and hardware. This is the more prestigious brand and one of the most expensive phones out there.

The iPhone’s store offers a good number of applications, including online casinos you can choose from. If you already have an iPhone that is at least not older than five years old, you should be able to play any online casino in the app store.


Android is the Windows of the smartphone world. It is trendy, relatively easy to use, and is available on both expensive high-end devices and decent, affordable devices. Being Open Source and less strict on their app store than its competitor, you may be able to find more options when it comes to applications, including online casinos. If you do not have a smartphone yet, I recommend choosing android as this is cheaper and (in my opinion) the more superior OS/Phone.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Online Casinos

The term mobile really says it all. Back when online casinos first came out, the fact that you can play at home, office, or anywhere with a computer was already a great advantage compared to having to go all the way to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Mobile online casino gaming enjoys a lot of benefits, along with some disadvantages.


While you can now be connected all the time as long as you have your phone with you, be it Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G, it really depends on where you are and its availability. Though the coverage of carriers and the services of fiber optic internet have reached remote places, downtime still happens.  


Power has always been a problem when it comes to technology. There is a limit to how much power we can store and carry.

While we have progressed a long way from the batteries weighing kilograms just to power your laptop for 45 minutes, and things have become incredibly lighter with better storage capacity, the limit averages about 10 hours – good, but maybe just not enough.

Every Benefit on PC is on Mobile

While the benefits of mobile online casinos are limited to the technology of our time, it can only get better as time goes by. These are benefits that PCs don’t have, while I prefer playing on my PC when I am at home, there is no real reason why one should not subscribe to Mobile online casinos.