It’s not new, but a great way to enhance your experience when playing online is playing Live Dealer games. The addition of a human element that the players can directly interact with allows for many advantages for both players and the online casino.

How Do They Do It?

Internet speeds and technology have advanced enough to allow casinos to provide online services like live dealers at a price that they can afford. Back in the day, “fast” internet and high definition cameras were available. But at prices, most businesses couldn’t afford, much less for the common consumer who’s supposed to have speeds as fast as the provider to view the live stream.

A camera pointed at the dealer allows players to see the table and the dealer as if they are sitting at a real table in a brick and mortar casino. Each of the players’ cards a are placed faced down on a transparent platform to allow the camera below to show each individual player their hands. With a microphone or live chat, the players can interact with the dealer to play the game.

Advantages for the Player

A Real Game

Players often wonder if the computer programs they are playing on actually gives them a true casino experience. Most of these people are not familiar with programs and algorithms to understand how random number generators work. So, it’s easy to assume that the game is rigged somehow, with it being a program made by the online casino.

The fact that the game is actually dealt with by a real person with real cards and equipment gives players the satisfaction that they are truly given a fair chance to win.

Interaction with the Dealer

One of the most enjoyable parts of playing at a brick and mortar casino is being able to interact with the player. I’ve had great times joking around with the dealer, talking about life, and even just small talk. You get to know people and enjoy each game at a different level, all the more when you decide to go with iomjapan.

With how advanced technology is nowadays, streaming and high definition audio/video quality, talking to people on the other side of the world, feels like talking to them in person. Online casinos simply applied the same technology to a more entertaining medium, giving a more casino-like feel to each game that it can be applied to.

Why Online Casinos Love It

Aside from the fact that it brings in customers, there are a few advantages to applying live dealers that make it attractive to even the online casinos themselves.

True Random

Complex Algorithms and Programmers are not cheap. Though random number generators do the job, it was made to do rather well.

It can be taken advantage of. While you may have heard about some tricks used in traditional brick and mortar casino games that allow players to have some advantage, they have never been truly good enough to put casinos out of business.

Paid Service

All players who are interested in playing with live dealers are people playing with real money. The online casinos love this as they get to attract players with actual money rather than people who are just after a good time with their online bonuses.

Not all online casinos offer live dealer games. There are also some offering it as an extra feature. I believe that live dealers are the future of online casinos… Well, that or quantum AI’s.