Craps have always been an alluring game. Unfortunately for newbies, the game is a bit too intimidating, along with the fact that it’s a bit more social compared to most casino games. Brick and mortar casinos tend to have a limited number of tables, where usual players would like to get on with the game and not babysit some newbie.

Online casinos allow newbies to start playing and learning craps in the safest and controlled environment any player can hope for, their own home. As long as the player has a modern computer and a reasonably fast enough internet, you don’t really need anything else- aside from money for gambling, that is.


A strategy is important when it comes to playing and winning any game. If you don’t have one, you are playing to lose.

Money Management

Craps might not have the highest House Advantage, but it isn’t actually made for players to win either. That said, you should know your limit when it comes to playing craps. There is definitely no guarantee in winning as this game relies heavily on luck. Only bet what you can afford to lose, and if you do win, you never let it ride like any other game. Experts suggest that you only bet as much as 20% of your winnings. Even with that, you should be able to grow your bankroll significantly.

Any Craps is Risky

Any Craps Has a House Advantage of 11.11%. Do you know what that means? It means you have a very high chance of losing when it comes to this bet. I do not recommend starting with this bet, unless if you already made a killing on other games. It is important to note that with high reward comes great risk. Stick to 20% of your winnings as your bet if you choose this bet.

Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come

These are types of craps bet, just so you know. The house advantage of this particular bet is at its highest, at 1.40%. This will reduce further if you lay or take odds. If you want to have a greater chance to grow your bankroll, albeit slower, you should stick to this bet.

Look for a Strategy You Enjoy

There are a lot of strategies out there, and these are just basics. Some might not even call them strategies but guidelines.

Specific strategies are often made in a way for the individual who made them feel relaxed and enjoy the game. The winning part is quite coincidental.

What is important is to follow a money management plan.

Manage your risk by going for the bet with the highest statistical chance of winning and the lowest house advantage, only aiming for big risky bets every few times when you have enough money to win a significant amount, and only with at most 20% of your winnings.

What must truly come first is enjoying the game. There is no reason to play a game to make money if you are not enjoying it. If you are doing this to make your money, you will be in for a not so pleasant experience in the end.