Over the past decade, online gambling has surged into popularity. Along with this is the surge of the number of casino sites popping in from time to time. As a result, these days, online gambling enthusiasts are overwhelmed with plenty of online casinos to choose from.

On a positive note, this means that today’s online gamblers are in a much better position of finding a gaming site that offers all the games they want to play, with the best graphics and effects, and there’s no shortage of casino bonuses up for grabs.

However, the tricky part is knowing which online casinos are safe and which ones aren’t. So, how do you spot these shady casino sites before it’s too late? You can use an online casino comparison website – casino lista and also read on to learn about how you can identify shady casino sites before you get screwed over badly.

What Makes a Dodgy Online Casino?

As with any other industry, there are businesses with good ethics and policies, while there are also the nefarious ones on a mission to take advantage of trusting customers. That said, rogue online casinos that intend to prey on unsuspecting players, unfortunately, do exist. Here are a few tell-tale signs of a bogus casino that every player must watch out for:

  • Delays/Lack of Payment

This may not happen outright, but if a casino that used to pay within a reasonable timeframe all of a sudden pays twice or thrice as long, it should give you a red flag. This is worse if the casino is always giving you a runaround or is making failed promises.

  • Questionable/Irregular Terms and Conditions

If you come across a casino with questionable policies or terms that seemingly change now and then (changing wagering requirements or game ruling on an as-needed basis), that’s a blatant tactic to cheat on the customer, and it’s high time you head for the door and find another one.

  • Unusually High Bonuses

If a promotional offer seems too good to be true, there’s a good chance that they usually are. Let’s say a 400% match bonus up to $7000. Reputable casinos don’t normally offer casino bonuses that high.

  • Use of Predatory Terms

Legit casinos make sure that they don’t use vague terminologies, and the terms and conditions they have are stated clearly on their site.

Spotting Rogue Casinos Checklist

Now that you have gained knowledge about some clues that scream shady casino, below we’ve outlined the steps that you can follow to find out if a casino site is a sham:

  • Check the license.

Take a good look at the casino and see if they have the appropriate licenses, which casino operators often proudly display on their website’s footer. Now, if a casino claims they have a license from UKGC or MGA, and you have doubts, you can head over to the licensing body’s website, and verify if the casino site is indeed in their database.

  • Do a little digging – Google it out.

Before you make a deposit on a casino, it pays to take some time to do a background check using Google to find out if a casino can be trusted or not.

  • Pay attention to minor details.

This can be in the form of stolen content, images, or texts from other sites. Sure, this may not directly have an effect on your gaming experience, but this tells a lot about the authenticity and honesty of the casino.

  • Make it a habit to read the casino terms and conditions.

We know that reading casino terms and conditions are far from being an enjoyable thing to do, but this is one of the best things you can do to save yourself from trouble and disappointments while playing online.

  • Test the site’s customer support.

A casino’s customer support speaks volumes about their quality and integrity. If a casino site does not have an easily accessible customer service support or the support agents they have aren’t able to provide satisfactory answers even to simple and basic questions, that’s one of the apparent signs that something isn’t right.

  • Check out casino reviews and customer feedback.

Top casino review sites can give you valuable information about a particular casino. The same goes for customer feedback. Watch out for fake and biased reviews, which abound on the web nowadays, though.

The good news is you can avoid being a potential victim if you know what to watch out for. By arming yourself with knowledge, doing a little research, and following the tips we have mentioned in this article, you should be able to identify these rogue casinos and save you trouble (and cash) down the road.